The season of 2012-2013, The Players, once again, were asked by the AGAPE-HAITI organization to perform at their annual fund raiser, which provides scholarship aid and school support for the children of Haiti. The Players performed an excerpt from the play. The Divine Time, which takes the audience on a journey to the 1920's and the Harlem Renaissance. The play was performed at The First Presbyterian and Trinity Church in South Orange, NJ. A few months passed and on April 25th, the Players presented the entire play for The Newark Legacy Charter School. This was a very special presentation involving not only students but their parents as well. We were proud to have presented this historical information of the young students (2nd & 3rd graders and their parents). The children were well behaved and listened and watched intently as the Players engaged in a presentation of acting, song, and dance.

We would like to extend a special Thank You to the parents, guardians, and former students who continue to trust us with their children. Once again, we invite you to share your loving and caring sprit with us, as the children present their work to you!

Please check back for updates. Hope you enjoy our work!

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